[Mgs] B/GT light switch -- now heater/defroster

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Thu Mar 13 20:30:44 MDT 2014

Non-working heater controls were something else I've been dealing with --  
much easier to do with the driver's seat out so you can lie on the floor in 
relative comfort!

The cable stop on the temperature control cable wasn't tight enough to keep 
the wire from slipping through it when the knob was turned, so knob movement 
had no effect on the valve on the engine block.  Two people are needed for 
this fix--one to watch the valve movement, the other to turn the knob and 
tighten the cable stop at the right spot.

The car's heater/defroster control had lost its cable stop--but installing a 
new one didn't help matters any; I could barely move the knob with the cable 
connected.  Removal of the little hood on the side of the tunnel that 
deflects air downward at the feet let me see why:  the metal flap that 
changes the air direction when the knob is turned was so rusty that I could 
move it only with a screwdriver as a lever.  The only way to access this 
flap to clean/lubricate it is to take the entire heater out -- which I just 
don't feel like doing!  We never drive the car when it's bitter cold anyway 
(far too much salt on the roads here), so I just set everything to "OFF" and 
will leave it that way.

Sarah Carr
'71 B/GT in PA

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Hi Hans,
   I thought that I might have noticed a tiny breath of air from those 
defroster mists once, but the draught was from a vent window not fully 
  My 1972 has a single speed switch. The motor runs well and does blow air 
out the foot warming ports, but almost none goes to the windshield.

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