[Mgs] Thermostat, cont.

Richard Lindsay richardolindsay at gmail.com
Sat Jun 15 11:04:56 MDT 2013

Hello Friends,

I have given my TD's thermostat ample opportunity to impress me but
alas, it has thumbed its non-op nose at me.  I now look for other
options.  But until then, here are some pictures to document the

Here's how the thermostat looked back in May, right after removing the radiator.


Following the advice of the kind MG-T List members here, I soaked the
thermostat in vinegar for 12 hours or so and that removed A LOT of
corrosion.  Here's how it looked at the end of 12 hours, still in the


Obviously, a lot of crud came out of the unit!  After washing with
soap and warm water, this is how it looked (still a little damp).



I poured boiling water into the thermostat with it resting in a
plastic jar.  After that soak, and no obvious diaphragm movement, I
put the dried off unit in the freezer where it lived overnight.  Nancy
was not amused.  Here's how it looked fresh from the meat locker this
morning, but I could press the disk closed a little.  There was


Its now resting in boiling water again, and the diaphragm is open, as
it should be.


Obviously, crud is still coming out!

At this point, I think I am going to un-solder the diaphragm disk and
see of I can mechanically clean the movement.  I'm not above
disassembling the whole thing in the hopes of a repair.  Worst I can
do is trash it completely and either use a conventional element below
it or order a replacement at $130usd.  The best result might even
surprise even the doubters here. :-)

On another front, I visited my local Ace Hardware yesterday and bought
two rubber stoppers to fit in the fuel tank outlet and drain holes.  I
now need to make a blanking plate for the sender port.  Once all
that's done, I can add the Marine-Clean to the tank and start the
swamping-out process.

Starting next week, I will be visiting my great friend, Rui Gigante,
in Porto Portugal.  Rui is a Ferrari guy like me, but he also has an
M.G. addiction.  With a beautifully restored '60 MGA in the garage, he
has now turned his attention to a modified B-GT to use as a daily
driver.  That car started from totally-dead, just the way I like to
start projects.  :-P  There's great fun in bringing them back to life!
 I look forward to seeing all the progress he's made on that project -
and driving his 328GTS! :-P

And while totally OT, have any of you seen the new Alfa C4?  It looks
way-cool but for the same money, I think the Porsche Cayman is a
better deal: That's reliability speaking, not art.

Happy Saturday!


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