[Mgs] Rusty thermostat

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  Try soaking in Citric Acid solution.  Powdered citric acid is used when
canning low-acid tomatoes, and it's in the Ball-jar section of TruVal hardware
stores, probably in the grocery store too.  I used it to remove some light
rust accumulation of TD bolts.  CocaCola would be a milder acid.   Stronger
acid is Muriatic Acid. It's in the swimming pool section of hardware stores.
The trick is to eat away the rust w/o eating away the brass and copper.  In a
recent issue of Totally T Type was an article by a guy who used it to clean
the rust from the block of an MG, and he said that he planned to use a weaker
solution in his radiator.  He must know a lot more about Chemistry than I
do.....  I found the citric acid to work on the rust of TD bolts, but muriatic
worked so much faster that it's what I have been using recently.Bob

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Hey Friends,

The XPAG thermostat is a different beast, as we all know.  I'd like to
save mine if possible - if for no other reason, to avoid the high cost
of a new one!  Right now at an ambient temperature of 98 degrees F, it
is stuck open.  Yea, its freekin' hot in Houston!  Anyway, the unit is
also rusty.  Please tell me if there is a compound in which I can soak
the thermostat to clean away the rusty deposits and perhaps make it
serviceable again.  Thanks.


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