[Mgs] Thermostat, fins.

Richard Lindsay richardolindsay at gmail.com
Sat Jun 15 13:04:25 MDT 2013

Hello Friends,

I gave the TD's thermostat one more chance.  I heated it to well above
boiling and the diaphragm opened fine - but wouldn't close when
refrigerated, except with thumb pressure and even then, it wasn't
completely closed at sub freezing temperatures. Soooo....

...I gutted the ba$+ard!  Here are the thermo-bits.


With the unit now nothing more than a tube with a flange, I cleaned it
out inside and degreased the exterior again.  Here it is nice and
clean ready for painting.


Aside: Here's a neat trick for masking engine bits.  Place masking
tape over the not-to-be-painted flange, overlapping the edges.  With a
small hammer, gently tap around the edge of the flange.  Doing so will
cause the edge to cut the tape!  Just remove the trimmed off bit,
verify that the remaining tape is secure, and you're ready to paint!

Here's the same part with a thin coat of gray engine primer.


And with its coat of engine paint.


This part will be okay to handle (gently) in about 30 minutes, but as
the paint and primer both need to cure, the finish won't be 'hard'
until tomorrow.

A wise MG-T list member told me that his TD does just fine with a
conventional thermostat placed between the curved bit from the head,
and the base of the old thermostat body.  He's using a 180 degree
thermostat.  That is my plan now too, except I'll use a 160 thermostat
with a weep hole.  And should it fail, I can always order the new
thermostat and gasket and be back to 'correct'.

More details: My original thermostat was stamped "72C, 162F".  That is
the value of the replacement I will buy.


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