[Mgs] OT - Webers

Rick Lindsay rolindsay at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 4 20:06:55 MDT 2012

Hello Friends,

The Weber rebuilds are completed and reinstalled on my Ferrari V8 engine.  In this implementation, the 40DCNF velocity stacks mount in the airbox.  That is, the airbox is between the carbs and the trumpets.  But of course, one can't tune the carbs with that honkin' big airbox blocking access, so the tuning is done without the box in place, THEN  its installed afterward.  In the picture at the end of the link, the trumpets are only sitting in place as I haven't yet added the retaining nuts - but you can see the REALLY nice, clean, happy Webers.


The choke linkage is only inter-connected on the front two carbs.  The rear choke linkage is left off to improve access to one of the linkage ends.  There are screw-in retainers at the end of each link.  One retainer broke into upon removal, so I am awaiting a replacement.  I'll visit my local exotic repair shop tomorrow and forage through their 'junk box'.


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