[Mgs] OT - Webers

Matt Trebelhorn matt.lists at trebelhorn.com
Fri Oct 5 04:37:07 MDT 2012

Beautiful.  Nice work, Rick.


On 4 Oct, 2012, at 10:06 PM, Rick Lindsay wrote:

> Hello Friends,
> The Weber rebuilds are completed and reinstalled on my Ferrari V8  
> engine.  In this implementation, the 40DCNF velocity stacks mount  
> in the airbox.  That is, the airbox is between the carbs and the  
> trumpets.  But of course, one can't tune the carbs with that  
> honkin' big airbox blocking access, so the tuning is done without  
> the box in place, THEN  its installed afterward.  In the picture at  
> the end of the link, the trumpets are only sitting in place as I  
> haven't yet added the retaining nuts - but you can see the REALLY  
> nice, clean, happy Webers.
> http://www.aubard.us/Ferrari/20121004_161607.jpg
> The choke linkage is only inter-connected on the front two carbs.   
> The rear choke linkage is left off to improve access to one of the  
> linkage ends.  There are screw-in retainers at the end of each  
> link.  One retainer broke into upon removal, so I am awaiting a  
> replacement.  I'll visit my local exotic repair shop tomorrow and  
> forage through their 'junk box'.
> -rick

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