[Mgs] Best car I've driven (A.K.A. Old man rambling on Tuesday

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I'd have to say that high on the list of my fun-to-drive cars was my 1982 Dodge Colt. With a 1.4l engine and the famous 'Twin Stick' transmission
(4 speed with a second lever that was for 'Power' or 'Economy' gearing, effectively making it an 8-speed), it was very peppy, got fantastic gas mileage
and handled great with plus-sized tires. Looked great, too, in silver and red. Clean styling, great visibility, and unencumbered by things like AC, power
windows or power door locks! First new car I ever bought.

 Dan D
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Hello Friends,

   As I drove in to work today in my '08 Mercedes C300, I finished a test.  Over the past couple of days I have driven every car that I presently own.  There are six of them in the scuderia.  Okay, okay, the ponton isn't "drivable" but I did start it and warm it up last Sunday.  Anyway, this test was the continuation of the 308GTB vs Mondial QV comparison that I did over the weekend.

   As STYX's "Too Much Time on my Hands" ended on the C300's sounds system I realized that I have now owned over sixty cars in my tender 57 years, ranging from a 1930 Chevrolet Deluxe to a 2008 Mercedes C300!  That thought led be to consider which of the lot is my all-time favorite to drive.  Here's the story and what I concluded.

   The most exciting car-related moment I recall was the day I picked up my 308GTB.  As I left Phil Tegtmeyer's quiet, supportive company I thought to myself, "I'm driving Ferrari.  Oh my God, I'm driving MY Ferrari!!!"  I guess the second most exciting moment was when I got my first sports car at the age of eighteen.  It was a Fiat 850 Spyder.  Most beautiful car I had ever seen!

   Flash forward to today and I ask; Of all the cars I have owned, which one was the overall most enjoyable to drive?  The answer surprised even me. It was my little bright red '89 BMW 325iS coupe'.  The E30 cars feel like go-karts, light as a feather and the 2.5 litre "little six" is a great engine.  Hook that to a 5-speed manual gearbox and you get my all-time favorite.  Yea, I was surprised too.  Wish I still owned it.

Happy Tuesday,

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