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Simon Matthews simon.d.matthews at gmail.com
Tue Jun 26 14:26:33 MDT 2007


when I lived in Dallas (generally hotter than Houston), I never had
problems with my '74B overheating. It was basically stock (no electric
fan), but minus the smog pump.

On the other hand, when I took the car back to the UK, I had to block
part of the radiator to
get it to warm up on winter days.

YMMV, and I think that (over) heating issues varied as the smog
equipment changed on the B.


On 6/26/07, Rick Lindsay <rolindsay at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Our mate Paul writes,
> > ...But unless you really do need additional cooling
> > through very extreme operating conditions ... it
> > just isn't worth the time and effort converting to
> > electric.
>    Paul, you make me smile.  I would almost believe
> that you live in England where a scorching-hot day
> means 70+ degrees F! :-o  Of course, I'm just poking
> fun at you and mean no disrespect.  I get called ugly
> names by my friends on the Ferrari list because I want
> my 308GTB air conditioner to work.  I LIVE IN HOUSTON,
> FOLKS!!!  Humans aren't supposed to exist in this
> environment! :-P
>    All joking aside, the temperature typically hits 95
> degrees F each day, all summer long - and that's over
> 6 months of the year.  My M-B has a nice outside
> thermometer on-board and it works to typical German
> high precision.   On my daily commute, it is not
> uncommon for the air temperature just above Houston
> streets to be 105 degrees F!  That's the air entering
> the grill of our cars.
>    Does my MG have an electric fan?  No, not yet but
> it may as soon as I put it on the road.  Please excuse
> me now; I have to take my 308GTB to the A/C shop.
> regards,
> rick
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