[Mgs] Electric Fans

Rick Lindsay rolindsay at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 26 14:07:21 MDT 2007

Our mate Paul writes,

> ...But unless you really do need additional cooling 
> through very extreme operating conditions ... it 
> just isn't worth the time and effort converting to 
> electric.

   Paul, you make me smile.  I would almost believe
that you live in England where a scorching-hot day
means 70+ degrees F! :-o  Of course, I'm just poking
fun at you and mean no disrespect.  I get called ugly
names by my friends on the Ferrari list because I want
my 308GTB air conditioner to work.  I LIVE IN HOUSTON,
FOLKS!!!  Humans aren't supposed to exist in this
environment! :-P
   All joking aside, the temperature typically hits 95
degrees F each day, all summer long - and that's over
6 months of the year.  My M-B has a nice outside
thermometer on-board and it works to typical German
high precision.   On my daily commute, it is not
uncommon for the air temperature just above Houston
streets to be 105 degrees F!  That's the air entering
the grill of our cars.
   Does my MG have an electric fan?  No, not yet but
it may as soon as I put it on the road.  Please excuse
me now; I have to take my 308GTB to the A/C shop.



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