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Larry Mayfield drmayf at mayfco.com
Wed Apr 2 11:14:01 MDT 2014

I think the parallel universe is our southern border.  Snuck across that
way.  Yeah, the only newton I ever held was a fig newton.  And it didn't
stay in my hand long... 

Ok, so let's all resist using lb ft and use what we grew up with every time
we can!


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I'm with the ft-lbs. I can hold a lb in my hand....ever tried holding a
newton? Doesn't exist I say....figure some alien in a parallel universe
slipped it across when no one was looking....they do that you know.....just
like when they 'borrow stuff' for a while.....

Nigel...down in NZed....just booked flights for August....see ya'll there.

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> Ok, so I woke the list up with my simple what's going on message to 
> the list, eh? How about some fun thinking.  One of my pet peeves is 
> the not so subtle change from the way we talk about the units of 
> torque, i.e.  lbs-ft versus ft-lbs.  I have a hard time understanding 
> a) the necessity of that, b) the reasoning of it, and c) the who gives 
> a crap of it.
> The rules of arithmetic (math) are pretty well known, and when the 
> associative laws are used then it does not matter one whit. And we all 
> grew up using it as ft-lbs so let's start a movement back to the way 
> things were.
> Reasoning is thusly... think about a dyno, say a water brake one. It 
> has a lever that measures from the center line of the brake to the 
> load cell and that is usually measured in feet not centimeters, 
> millimeters, meters or yards.  The load is measured at the end of that 
> lever. The associative laws say that you can use any order in 
> multiplication of numbers and by that I mean it does not matter if you 
> multiply the length of the lever  by the load first or the load times 
> the lever. One way gets you ft - lbs, the other gives you lbs-ft.  The 
> order of units
> is not material.  And ft can stand for foot or feet.   
> Who's with me? Let's take our heritage back!  Ft-lb ers unite and 
> arise! Time we reclaimed our way of life.. Hell Yeah!
> mayf
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