[Land-speed] Running an Automatic Trans without a Torque Converter

Dave Dahlgren dahlgren536 at comcast.net
Thu Dec 1 10:29:07 MST 2011

I think there was mention of a working reverse gear from James Tone how can 
you do that for push start only? Or I did not understand if it was required 
or optional. Might check the rule book or with inspectors on that one. I had 
thought and possibly wrong that other than special construction and 
motorcycle you had to have a reverse gear.
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Hmm, not sure where in my request for parts info and or experience running a 
trans without a TC, I mentioned the need for a flywheel, clutch, clutch 
pedal or anything else like that.  Looking for a direct coupling that 
connects teh crankshaft directly to the input shafts on teh rans and also 
provides for the trans front fluid pump.  Made for 'glides and I know of a 
number of folk who use them. Bell housing is empty except for maybe a flex 
plate  for starter operation. Noting else in there. Does require a push 
start off the line but for B'ville that's ok with me.

So, I do not understand the comment regards all the other stuff.


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On 12/1/2011 7:25 AM, Dave Dahlgren wrote:
By the time you buy the parts make all the mods to put a clutch in front of 
the automatic then buy a clutch flywheel master cylinder clutch cylinder 
throwout bearing clutch pedal assembly and appropriate scatter sheild you 
will be money behind and have more parts to hurt you than you had. For low 
cost buy a race converter that is made for what you want to do. It also 
depends on the gear ratios in your transmission and what the torgue 
multiplication was doing to help you as well. Years ago I played with a 
'clutch flight' and it was a tinkerer's nightmare and the car was not faster 
in any way it just broke more often.
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