[Land-speed] OT: My computer drash

Neil Albaugh neil at dbelltech.com
Sun Aug 29 12:01:05 MDT 2010


No, I haven't seen a program like that but if you find one I'd like to know 
about it.

Regards, Neil  Tucson, AZ

From: "Larry Mayfield" <drmayf at mayfco.com>
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Subject: [Land-speed] OT: My computer drash

>  I took the hard drive to the drive experts and had them take a look at 
> it. Their comment was..."it's gone..all gone..."   But, am persevering and 
> I purchased some software to let me scan for deleted files. I ran that 
> program and found 63,000 deleted files and when I told it to recover the 
> deleted items, 14,000 or so were recovered. Unfortunately not one single 
> one could be opened and had significant data in it.   Most were just 
> headers.
> But, before all teh stuff hit the fan, I had maybe 25 GB of stuff on 
> this120 GB drive.  Some how, the amount of free space has dwindled to 
> approx 57 GB. When I use disk frag to analyze the disk and, no I haven't 
> defragged yet, I see that most of the disk has lots of stuff on it.  When 
> I use the recovery console I still cannot get to the area where the stuff 
> seems to be.  So, I seem to recall looking at a freeware program that 
> would scan the disk and then let me put the cursor over a section of that 
> scan and it would tell me what was there. Have any of you heard of 
> anything like that? Or know of a program that will let me look at the 
> entire disk surface?
> hopefully, one of you do...
> mayf

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