[Land-speed] OT: My computer drash

John Szalay jpszalay01 at insightbb.com
Sun Aug 29 20:32:22 MDT 2010


Back in the days  Before NT and XP  we used to used Norton's Editor when 
would allow us
to look at the disk sector by sector and Bit by Bit.  however with the new 
file handling systems its
a little hard to do that.. but will check to see if there is a comparable 
program for later operating systems

IF you do really  have files, then you can use the Programmers editor to 
open those files to see what is there..
( have found this to be an excellent way to work on files. and will open 

 Pfe32       free to use..

download location.

From: "Larry Mayfield" <drmayf at mayfco.com>
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Subject: [Land-speed] OT: My computer drash

>  I took the hard drive to the drive experts and had them take a look at 
> it. Their comment was..."it's gone..all gone..."   But, am persevering and 
> I purchased some software to let me scan for deleted files. I ran that 
> program and found 63,000 deleted files and when I told it to recover the 
> deleted items, 14,000 or so were recovered. Unfortunately not one single 
> one could be opened and had significant data in it.   Most were just 
> headers.
> But, before all teh stuff hit the fan, I had maybe 25 GB of stuff on 
> this120 GB drive.  Some how, the amount of free space has dwindled to 
> approx 57 GB. When I use disk frag to analyze the disk and, no I haven't 
> defragged yet, I see that most of the disk has lots of stuff on it.  When 
> I use the recovery console I still cannot get to the area where the stuff 
> seems to be.  So, I seem to recall looking at a freeware program that 
> would scan the disk and then let me put the cursor over a section of that 
> scan and it would tell me what was there. Have any of you heard of 
> anything like that? Or know of a program that will let me look at the 
> entire disk surface?
> hopefully, one of you do...
> mayf

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