[Land-speed] Shoestring Speedtiming

Dave Dahlgren ddahlgren at snet.net
Sat May 3 09:57:35 MDT 2008

I am betting you can buy from a Company like B&B an external digital clock 
that will run at XX.XXX seconds and connected to a laptop and have it at 
least give you the time between 2 channels being triggered. For low cost 
lights I would use 2 AIM beacon reciever/ transmitter pairs they should work 
at 50 feet or so apart. Let me know if any of this interests you and I will 
look furter into it. I would expect the cost around 500 or so and some of it 
can be e-bayed to a racer if you change your mind..
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> After months of pursuit without being knocked out of the box, we, (Bwana 
> and I), are getting closer to being able to stage LSR time trials at the 
> former Loring AFB in northern Maine this summer.
> It's a great venue at almost 14,000' by 300' of asphalt at 750' above sea 
> level. Caribou, Maine is nearby so it's not without amenities, and 
> Interstate 95 is an excellent road getting there.
> There is a problem of course, inasmuch as there's hardly any racers or 
> racecars in this part of the world.
> "If you build it, they will come". We'll see.
> So we're on a budget with a capital B. A particular variable cost is 
> timing equipment rental. At this point getting a high quality system might 
> not be the best way to spend money. You list guys we'd bet might be able 
> to come up with a system that while not super accurate, might work fine to 
> give the three guys that showed up an idea how fast they just went.
> Not above soldering something together on a breadboard, etc..
> Thanks alot. The Bobbys

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