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As I have posted before, Some years ago I was at a Vintage Sports Car event 
at Sears Point and was looking at the Dunlop 18 inch tires. The Dunlop rep 
that I spoke to assured me that the tires are made with the same material 
and methods as current race tires. And that they are safer then any 20 or 30 
year old tire. After that I bought mine and found that some others had been 
using them for a while before me. To much pickyness and book reading may 
change things in the future.
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> It looks like I need to state a few things. First I do not speak for the
> SCTA. I'm a competitor who has volunteered to inspected vehicles for 
> safety
> according to the SCTA Rule Book. I volunteer help in impounds to determine
> engine displacement. I comment here because I hate to see folks make the
> same mistakes others including me have made. That's 
> it..............Period.
> Stating during inspection that JD said "....." will get my never ending
> silent treatment and probably laughed at. Next year I won't be inspecting 
> at
> all.
> What does the line right under speed ratings say??? All together now page 
> 18
> "In excess of 200 MPH: Special tires for racing as designated by the
> manufacturer"
> I guess you have never looked at a Dunlop. Embossed in the rubber are the
> words "DUNLOP RACING". That was good enough for me when I started using 
> them
> on a 196 record. I was not the first. At this time I believe enough
> competitors have used them to get an idea of their limits. I do not know 
> of
> anyone using them who has not been cautious. There is a gas roadster which
> has run them 236 and has not shown a problem. I do not know the weight of
> the vehicle or whether it spins the tires.
> LSR, as all high speed endeavors, is a risky busness. You accept the risk
> when you build or buy a car or chassis. You accept the risk when you get 
> in
> it. You accept the risk when you purchase many of the items in or on it.
> Remember the SCTA is not in the tire business. Many tire manufacturers 
> will
> not answer speed inquires. How many records over 250-400 were set on 40 
> year
> old Firestone Indy tires?
> I do not like to discourage anyone but if you cannot accept this; perhaps
> Top Fuel drag racing is for you where you get to run a spec tested tire
> which of course is safe and would never blow up or explode. Once again 
> Good
> Luck
>>I don't understand, JD? If the tire is NOT speed-rated for 200+ mph how 
>> you pass tech? Rules require a 200mph tire to run on records over 200mph,
>> no?  -Elon

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