[Land-speed] NON LSR -- Computer problem

Dale Krumheuer dmirror3 at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 28 13:25:24 MDT 2007

Had a similar situation, the mouse looked fine but the arrow didnt move. Cleaned the little rubber ball and the contacts. Nothing. Checked the connnection to the computer, yep, still plugged in. Then checked the cord. Dozens of little teeth marks. Teeth marks too small to be from the Great Dane. Logic dictates Cat. Cat kills mouse. Apparent evolution of Cat, 21st century instinct I suppose. 

Bryan Savage <b.a.savage at wildblue.net> wrote: I  noticed that something was wrong with the mouse hooked up
to my laptop this morning.
A few minuets ago I got around to looking at the mouse. The problem
was the mouse wheel didn't move smoothly. After about a turn it
got sticky and hard to turn. I took it apart and saw that the rubber
tire was swollen and pulled away from the plastic wheel.
Further examination with my eye loop showed two groups of very
small puncture wounds in the rubber wheel. In my opinion, these
holes would be a perfect match for Suzie's teeth.
Suzie is a seven pound cat.

The damn cat got my mouse.

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