[Land-speed] NON LSR -- Computer problem

joseph lance jolylance at earthlink.net
Sat Jul 28 13:45:57 MDT 2007

Get a laser mouse--cheap (Microsoft makes them).  No wheel, contacts, or 
rubber tire (MT or otherwise).

Our cats don't like lasers.

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From: "Dale Krumheuer" <dmirror3 at yahoo.com>

> Had a similar situation, the mouse looked fine but the arrow didnt move. 
> Cleaned the little rubber ball and the contacts. Nothing. Checked the 
> connnection to the computer, yep, still plugged in. Then checked the cord. 
> Dozens of little teeth marks. Teeth marks too small to be from the Great 
> Dane. Logic dictates Cat. Cat kills mouse. Apparent evolution of Cat, 21st 
> century instinct I suppose.
> Bryan Savage <b.a.savage at wildblue.net> wrote: I  noticed that something 
> was wrong with the mouse hooked up
> to my laptop this morning.
> A few minuets ago I got around to looking at the mouse. The problem
> was the mouse wheel didn't move smoothly. After about a turn it
> got sticky and hard to turn. I took it apart and saw that the rubber
> tire was swollen and pulled away from the plastic wheel.
> Further examination with my eye loop showed two groups of very
> small puncture wounds in the rubber wheel. In my opinion, these
> holes would be a perfect match for Suzie's teeth.
> Suzie is a seven pound cat.
> The damn cat got my mouse.
> Bryan

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