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I thought the radioactive stuff in coal was Carbon 14.....??


Jon Wennerberg wrote:
> On Jul 15, 2007, at 11:38 PM, joseph lance wrote:
> Mayf;
>   And since coal contains a
> small amount of Uranium, the public gets a bigger radiation dose from  
> a coal
> fired power plant than it does from a nuclear plant.
> Lance
> I had heard that indeed, there is radiation from the coal at coal- 
> fired power plants, but it's from the radioactive radon gas that's  
> exuded from the coal -- not from included uranium.  I don't know  
> about other places in the country, but up here -- with our tightly- 
> insulated houses and old-fashioned stone-walled basements -- radon  
> gas is a big enough threat to public safety that most county health  
> departments have radon gas test kits available for the public, and  
> they run public service announcements about radon on the radio stations.
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