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> Doug
> I had been looking at fire and heat detectors for a while, and had been
> assured by the guy that certifies my Halon and services CO2 bottles that a
> heat sensor can be tailored for just about any condition.  BUT, I want
> than just a heat sensor and light.
> The Ford deal came along and since we were carrying 2 kilos of H2 and a
> bunch of Helox that was 40% O2 I had even more concerns so one of my
> assignments was to look for flame sensors for an almost invisable H2 fire.
> I found some UV and IR sensors, but cost of  2K made it a bit costly for
> even this well funded program.
> The alternative is a SMOKE detector.  A Brilliant, cost effective choice.
> If something burns, smoke is almost immediately present.  We used an Orbis
> smoke detector, made by Apollo Fire detectors in the UK.  (I did not
> this method or unit, but felt quite comfortable with it)  It will also be
> good for Methanol fire that is also not very visable.
> The rest of the system is automatic with an electric solenoid that I put
> together with the help of Bob Stroud.  His company now owns Phoenix fire
> systems and the previous owner came up with a concept that we used on a 10
> pound bottle in the motor bay.  (Like in my car, everything dangerous was
> behind me and the firewall.)
> The early testing I did proved the plunger would pierce the bottle seal,
> I was quite comfortable with the system.  It would be dispensing Halon
> before I could activate something.
> I have purchased a few of the basic solenoids and am working with Bob to
> provide some parts for him to further test and prove out.
> This system Will be on my linerwannabe when we come out in the springtime.
> The last part of the system was a light to tell me the system had
> The Ford software guys also had it shut down the entire system.  All
> electrical and gas connections were closed in emergency timing.  (a much
> harder shut down than normal in a fuel cell vehicle.)
> I attached a photo of the firebottle with solenoid mounted, but only Doug
> will see it.  If anyone wants, we can start a thread on Landracing.com for
> discussion and photos.  I have learned a little, but I'm sure there are
> knowledgable guys on this subject and I'm always open for learning more.
> Best regards
> Rick
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