[Land-speed] Sealing two piece wheels

Jim Dincau jdincau at qnet.com
Thu Dec 20 11:02:02 MST 2007

Thanks to all who replied.
     The wheels in question are 18 X 6 formed aluminum, two halves that bolt 
together with 15 fasteners.  I have tubes but I really don't like the fact 
that the tubes weigh almost as much as the tires (MT 26.5 x 18).
      There is no O-ring groove and cutting one would seriously weaken the 
wheels, they are hydroformed out of Aluminum sheet. I have designed and 
fabricated O-ring installations in the past but that experience doesn't 
apply here.
         I have seen go-cart two piece wheels that seal with an O-ring 
sitting in the v grove formed by the junction of the two wheel halves. This 
dosen't seem right engineering wise but it seems to work.
      I know there must be some flex as the tire contact patch migrates 
around the wheel and wonder if silicone applied at the joint after assembly 
will come unstuck.
     A problem with applying a sealer between the halves is getting an even 
coat, assembly before drying and sealant squeeze out leaving leak paths (I 
tried Yammabond).
     Any other comments would be appreciated.
Jim in Palmdale 

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