[Land-speed] Sealing two piece wheels

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Rick knows--The Parker Handbook is the de facto standard in the mechanical
engineering world for designing with o-rings.
For a good compact source of the dimensions for the most common "standard"
sizes of o-rings check out the 6 charts on the right side of the Orings West
web page  http://www.oringswest.com/
The groove dimensions chart will be of most interest; but if you're looking
for a large size standard ring such as might be used in those wheels scroll
down on the standard o-rings chart most of the way toward the bottom for
o-rings in the size range of -440 to -475. (the -900 series in large sizes
are essentially "unobtanium")
Note that ordinary nitrile o-rings can be spliced if carefully cut square
with a razor blade and glued together with thin super glue (ACC).  Lay the
o-ring out flat on a tabletop making sure there are no twists in it, cut the
ends square, put a piece of wax paper under the glue joint and with as
steady hands as you can muster put the glue on one side and push the ends
together in as perfect alignment as you can.  Use magnification if you have
it available.  Important note here.... don't expect an ACC bond to hold up
well in cooling system applications.  ACC doesn't like water at near boiling
Ed Weldon

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> Jim ............
> If the wheels have grooves, I can help with 0 ring selection, but if you
> get your hands on an O ring handbook, the groove vs. O ring dimensions are
> clearly defined for face sealing that we are dealing with here.
> If you need help feel free to ask.  I'm not always quick to respond, but I
> will and I do have a Parker handbook..........Rick

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