[Healeys] Greasing the Driveshaft U Joint

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Harold-yes, longer as original...the replacements used cheap zerks and
the longer ones are difficult to find...use your original ones if you
did not discard them.
Moss shows the correct ones in the illustration- maybe they will send
you those for real. Hank
328-540 [1]  

	NIPPLE, grease BN1-BJ8 $1.79

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Subject: [Healeys] Greasing the Driveshaft U Joint

 My Healey is nearing completion and after installing the driveshaft I
tried to grease the U-Joint only to find the nozzle on my grease gun
is too large to fit into the u-joint. Is there a grease gun with a
narrow nozzle or a narrow nozzle extension? I replaced the u-joints
and used the grease fittings that came with the new joints. Should the
grease nipples (zerk fitting) be changed to the longer ones? 
 Thanks... Harold 


[1] https://mossmotors.com/nipple-grease-2?assoc=78359

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