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Hi Hank -

Just a slight clarification, Rich did have my car and was going to restore
it, but then sadly, passed away.  It is actually Michael Salter that did
the full restoration of #793.



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> All-unfortunately, due to Jensen shipping bodies in no particular order,
> it is basically difficult, if not impossible, to look up a car without the
> chassis number plate assigned by Austin. I have all of the numerical
> chassis numbers from the 1953-54 production but only about 300 body numbers
> associated with those cars.
> I wrote a long explanation of the various Coronet Cream cars I have on the
> list, including Alan's 793, chassis#148521 restored by Rich Chrysler and
> built 11-26-53. However my email supplier dumped my draft, and it contained
> quite a lot of information lost. I will say that some CC cars carried
> bodies 1274, 1535, 1611 and 1651 as late as January 1954. It is possible
> that the apron that Perry has was from a CC car based on the paint shown
> but without the chassis, I am unable to find it. Needless to say, the car
> is now NLS(no longer survives) having landed in Perry parts bin.
> There are some enthusiasts that "question" the Coronet Cream paint theme
> related to the Queen's Coronation, and I am looking further into that, even
> though that note has been published in many books there is still
> controversary. Some may also believe that the last BJ8 car finished,
> painted in Metallic Golden Beige, is a modern day representation of
> CC...Hank
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> Subject: [Healeys] 100 Body Numbers
> Listers and Hank
> Anyone have a listing of the Jenson stamped body numbers with
> corresponding build dates. Going through a bunch of body parts, photo shows
> the front bumper valance, that might have a connection to the Coronet
> creame paint color.
> Perry
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