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The sealer works great so you can power was or just scrub off oil drips and anything else. I am in Florida where the heat from the sun burns away a layer, so I redo the sealing every other year or so.  Most of the time the oil leak comes from the rear seal and the resulting oil drops down out of the slot in the bottom of the bell housing then travels back along the frame, so it keeps the frame from rusting.  


You must fabricate your own Diaper Pan or find a friend who can do it for you.  I have the information in Florida how to.  But you will have to wait until I return.  Or some one on this list will remember.  I cannot find it on Sims 6 site.


Bob Begani


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Thanks for the info.   How did the sealer work out?  If you got a drip did it just wash off?  Also, where did you get the "diaper pan" ?  I think the only leak I have in more towards the front, but I'm gonna put a white tarp under it for a night to determine exactly where it is.   


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Hi Ryan:


We had our driveway paved with real bricks and then I brought my Healey and discovered the stains oil drips do to bricks.  So, I went to Sherwin Williams, bought their clear sealer, and applied 2 coats, and a 3rd one where the Healey stops before going into the garage. Also, bought 2 metal pans from Walmart? Or one of the auto parts stores for the garage and coved with kitty litters.  After the engine was rebuilt and still had oil leaks, I installed diaper pan underneath the bell housing to catch them and used a vacuum oil catcher to suck up the oil that collects in the pan.  So far, I no longer have oil drips on the driveway.




Bob Begani

67 BJ8 



Jim Ryan


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