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Originally, I used the manifold drainpipe directly to the diaper pan.
However, the flow of oil was causing my #6 spark plug to foul with so much
oil.  First, I used a non-fouling adaptor and then installed the oil
catcher.  Then I pulled the trans, installed the new gasket to the engine
with lots of Right Stuff sealant all around and reinstalled the trans and
carefully tightened the bolts. The result was the oil drip was reduced to a
light amount.  Before leaving for Michigan, I just left everything alone for
when I come back to Florida in October and will decide if I want to remove
the oil catcher.  Nice bright red makes the engine look great.


Where is this BN6 Website?


Bob Begani


unless you have a tri-carb you can extend the manifold drain pipe into the
diaper pan and suck the oil back into the manifold one drop at a time.  i
have had this setup on my car for over ten years.  i put the directions on
the BN6 website.




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