[Healeys] Oil Drips

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Mon Sep 5 10:38:08 MDT 2022

Hi Ryan:


We had our driveway paved with real bricks and then I brought my Healey and
discovered the stains oil drips do to bricks.  So, I went to Sherwin
Williams, bought their clear sealer, and applied 2 coats, and a 3rd one
where the Healey stops before going into the garage. Also, bought 2 metal
pans from Walmart? Or one of the auto parts stores for the garage and coved
with kitty litters.  After the engine was rebuilt and still had oil leaks, I
installed diaper pan underneath the bell housing to catch them and used a
vacuum oil catcher to suck up the oil that collects in the pan.  So far, I
no longer have oil drips on the driveway.




Bob Begani

67 BJ8 

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