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I take it that Rich’s throttle symptoms have occurred suddenly.

Last spring I replaced the exhaust manifolds on my BJ8 and had to remove the throttle lever with the pinch bolt for access.   After reassembling everything, I  did a 250-mile run to attend the first  event since Covid put an end to car activities and everything was normal.   On the way from the motel to the car show the next morning, I experienced the same symptoms as Rich Antal describes:  I had to press the pedal almost to the floor to get the car to accelerate.  I  suspected the pinch bolt had loosened and allowed the throttle lever to slip on the pedal shaft.   After the show, I turned the lever to the proper location for opening the carb butterflies and the problem was solved (actually, it became TOO responsive to the accelerator pedal).  When I got home, I did the adjustment according to the manual.  

I think Rich’s lever is also slipping on the shaft. 


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The workshop manual has guidance how the throttle levers are to be set up.  General rule of thumb is you want to have each throttle lever to start the throw at one angle and end the throw at the same and opposite angle.  this will give you maximum throw and power.  also the plastic and rubber bushings need to be sorted, and cross rod tightened up as much as possible 


On Fri, 2 Sep 2022 at 3:43 AM, Richard Antal via Healeys <healeys at autox.team.net> wrote:

The gas pedal on my BJ8 has to travel about 1 1/2 inches before the engine responds with increased rpms. Is there some way of adjusting it so that the engine responds instantly to depressing the pedal? Thanks for any suggestions.


rich antal

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