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While I haven’t had to do this in years I remember that it is a real bear. I believe that the Nocks have clear and workable instructions on how to adjust the linkeage  properly using some patience and a protractor to get the angles right.


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There is some adjustment on the ball joint fittings in the linkage, but I do not believe that it is anywhere near enough to account for 1.5" of free play. It seems more likely that one or more of the bushings on the shaft that runs laterally across the firewall behind the engine, or the next one that runs from the firewall out to the carbs is worn or totally failed. 


Try watching the linkage from the engine compartment as an assistant moves the throttle pedal through its full range of motion. If you see up and down movement of a part that should only be rotating, then you may be onto what is causing this excessive play.


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The gas pedal on my BJ8 has to travel about 1 1/2 inches before the engine responds with increased rpms. Is there some way of adjusting it so that the engine responds instantly to depressing the pedal? Thanks for any suggestions.


rich antal

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