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Mon Sep 20 07:41:23 MDT 2021

Thank you very much for the replies. All food for thought barring one which
was just plain rude. Usual source.


One thing I should have mentioned earlier.....the lightened flywheel. On the
brief test drive I was most impressed. The car was more responsive and
seemed to accelerate quite a bit better. Not possible to be too thorough as
was concentrating on the clutch but first impressions are very favourable.
So, thanks for the input there.


As to the clutch.

1.	I didn't really think it at all likely that there was a running-in
period for clutches. I was just applying Sod's Law in reverse.
2.	By "difficult clutch", I meant that I could not engage gear without
an apparent clash of teeth unless I pumped the pedal several times. Hence
the bleeding and the query about the "longer push rod".
3.	On installation, I lined the clutch plate up with great care. I used
the plastic thing but did check alignment with my spare, original, shaft.
Particularly second time around. I cannot account for the reluctance to
slide onto the shaft. I've had the box out twice before and, yes, it did go
back in easily enough.
4.	The new clutch (3 piece kit) itself is precisely the same as the
original. Borg & Beck. Compared old with new on the counter at AHSpares.
5.	I followed B&B's destructions to the letter. Applied grease etcetc.
BMC manual was not particularly helpful as it rather harks back to the days
when clutches were serviceable items.
6.	The slave cylinder is OK. I serviced it when I put in the
clutch-bleeding extension pipe about a year ago and it's been fine ever
7.	Just to mention.the black, ribbed, rubber clutch pipe was renewed at
same time. 
8.	The 2 dowel bolts are correctly placed. Unlike previously when there
was only one but it had made no difference.
9.	The cutting the head off the slave cylinder's top bolt originated
from Norman Nock. He was always one of my top gurus so I thought it worth
serious consideration. Of course, getting the newly beheaded bolt back in
and tightened up with the appropriate locking goo would probably be more of
a pain than simply putting in the top bolt per normal. Actually, it wasn't
too bad this time around.

Apart from rebleeding clutch and checking out the slave cylinder, it looks
like it'll all have to come apart again. Unless someone's had an




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