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Fred Wescoe fredwescoe at gmail.com
Tue Oct 26 20:15:20 MDT 2021


It appears that I may have to pull the head (some oil in the radiator
fluid) on my 66 BJ8 and I may (likely) have to replace the head gasket.  I
am going to leave the engine in the car.  I have pulled the head of my BJ7
but that was many years ago.  I will need help physically (I'm older now)
to pull the BJ8 head.  Does anyone know what the *actual weight* of just
the head is?  I need to determine how many people I need to help me.  Of
course, I will remove everything from the head before pulling it and then
place a straight edge on the head and block to determine if I have
additional issues to deal with.  Hopefully not but I will check.

Do I use sealant on the new head gasket and if so what type?   One side or
both sides?

After the recent discussion on Moss and their prices and quality, what are
the thoughts about sources for a good quality head gasket, without being
gouged.  Entering the cold months, I have plenty of time to do this right.
Is there anything I should be on the lookout for, or check before buttoning
up things?

I want to do this just once but I do want to do it completely and
correctly.  So, any words of wisdom are certainly appreciated.

Thanks as always,

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