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I believe the shop manual says the springs 'must be renewed at overhaul' 
(or similar Britism). Mine looked fine at over 200K miles, but I sprung 
(heh) for new. Not cheap, but pulling gearboxes and, especially getting 
the O/D to mate up to it is no fun either.

On 10/10/2021 1:05 PM, Henry G Leach via Healeys wrote:
> Harold- I would purchase replacement springs from Overdrive Spares in 
> UK. It appears that you would want to get 4 new short springs (the're 
> tired), and if all 4 long look equally correct you could re-use them. 
> The importance being that together they "equally" put pressure on the 
> clutch lining to keep the car in direct drive (without slipping).  Be 
> sure to put the shorts (inner) and long (outer) in properly or they 
> will coil bind and really not work well.
> I don't know the spring rates, but if you get them from OD Spares, 
> they will be the right ones for the job. Be sure to give them the 
> overdrive number on the casing for reference to get the correct set. 
> Moss has them as well as AH Spares, but did they come from OD Spares, 
> or made in ...?  Hank
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> Subject: [Healeys] Overdrive Clutch Springs
> I am rebuilding a 22/3087 Overdrive from a BJ7. What should the free 
> length of the clutch springs be? All 8 are made from 0.095” diameter 
> wire. The long springs measure 4-7/16” to 4-15/32” and the short 
> springs are 4-1/16” to 4-1/8”. The manual states the springs should be 
> 4-1/2” and 4-1/4”. I was surprised the short springs are more 
> undersized than the long springs.
> I saw some mention that the clutch springs in earlier OD models were 
> made from two different wire sizes. Does anyone know the wire diameter 
> of length of new springs from a reputable supplier?
> Thanks… Harold

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