[Healeys] Overdrive Clutch Springs

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I’ve been up to ODSpares twice, once very recently. Dave’s the man when it comes to overdrives. The work he did was excellent and the parts were considerably cheaper than from the usual suspects. Most of the various “special” parts that our usual guys sell come from OD Spares.

OD Spares:- 

Dave Twigger

10 Arches Business Centre
Mill Road

Tel: 01788 540666
Fax: 01788 570777


What impressed me was that he positively talked me out of purchasing some parts. No “better replace it while you’ve got the chance.” It was more like, “these things last forever; don’t touch it”.

To set a hare running again, he said 40 or 30wt non-detergent or 20-50 but NO additives.



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Harold- I would purchase replacement springs from Overdrive Spares in UK. It appears that you would want to get 4 new short springs (the're tired), and if all 4 long look equally correct you could re-use them. The importance being that together they "equally" put pressure on the clutch lining to keep the car in direct drive (without slipping).  Be sure to put the shorts (inner) and long (outer) in properly or they will coil bind and really not work well.


I don't know the spring rates, but if you get them from OD Spares, they will be the right ones for the job. Be sure to give them the overdrive number on the casing for reference to get the correct set. Moss has them as well as AH Spares, but did they come from OD Spares, or made in ...?  Hank


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I am rebuilding a 22/3087 Overdrive from a BJ7. What should the free length of the clutch springs be? All 8 are made from 0.095” diameter wire. The long springs measure 4-7/16” to 4-15/32” and the short springs are 4-1/16” to 4-1/8”. The manual states the springs should be 4-1/2” and 4-1/4”. I was surprised the short springs are more undersized than the long springs.


I saw some mention that the clutch springs in earlier OD models were made from two different wire sizes. Does anyone know the wire diameter of length of new springs from a reputable supplier?


Thanks… Harold


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