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Richard Collins gonnagitcha90 at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 16 06:58:36 MST 2021

Ditto here. Interesting that my Iphone gets and captures different spam messages than my PC using the same eMail buckets. I will say my Verizon call filter app is doing a credible job diverting spam calls to the junk pile.
I wonder how the cave men handled it or the Indians with their smoke signals. ( sorry, I meant to say cave persons and Native Americans)

Richard C

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John etal :

Regarding spam, several years ago my wife and I each created 2 email addresses so we can signup for something thinking our address will be sold.  I have had 81 spam messages in one and 25 in the other in the past 48 hours.  My regular email address is has only 5 spam messages.  In all addresses, I ask Outlook to use the high filter not the nuclear.  I did notice a few years ago that there was a great increase in spam message when I investigated mortgage rates at Quicken and Rocket.  Could it be?

At any rate, I just sent 81 spam messages to TRASH.


Bob Begani

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It’s almost 2pm and I’ve already received SIXTY EIGHT spam messages. Will this nonsense every stop?
John Sims

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