[Healeys] 100 Front Disks

Steve Gerow sgerow2 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 2 12:28:44 MDT 2021

2 main hurdles: 48-spoke wheels probably won't fit and you'll need adapter
plates, which are available from the usual UK sources. These are available
in 3.25" and 3.5" bolt centers. The latter will accept Type 16 or Toyota
4Runner 4 pot calipers (which work well without a servo - i'm using them
with a 3/4" M/C on my BN6).

The stock BN7 setup calls for a 5/8" M/C with smaller rear cylinders. A
friend fitted a Girling .70 MC with good results. But you might stay with
stock to start with.

FWIW - a couple of years ago there was a guy in the US on eBay who was
selling a disk brake kit for the Healey. That's all I remember.


*Steve Gerow*
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