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Mon Nov 1 12:55:00 MDT 2021

I would miss the drum brake feeling. Love it, as its different to my daily 
Josef Eckert

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Betreff: [Healeys] 100 Front Disks
Datum: 01. November 2021, 19:42
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Anyone put front disk brakes on a 100? I'm looking at the DWM kit, but I
imagine there are alternatives (not least for cheaper shipping, and no
customs hassles). I've seen/read about disks on early 6-cyl cars, in
particular greater braking effort (no big deal; my legs need every
workout they can get). Also, do the kits fit under stock 48-spokers?

What got me thinking is my BN2's brakes are OK, for all drums, but when
I stomp on them the car pivots hard right. I caught the first new
episode of Wheeler Dealers where the new host--Marc somebody--had the
same problem with an early Mini, solved with disks.

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