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Kees Oudesluijs coudesluijs at upcmail.nl
Sat May 8 21:32:24 MDT 2021

In the Netherlands petrol costs €1,90 for 95 E10 or about $6,95/US Gallon and rising; 98 E5 (mostly no ethanol yet but up to 5% allowed) is about $9,35/US gallon and rising.
Never had any problems with 95 E5 or 95 E10 though (ethanol supposedly ageing and affecting seals, gaskets, fuel lines or metals or because of vapour lock). I have been using 95 E5 when this was introduced in Europe in the late 1990's (I even regularly used the cheapest 95 E15 which became available in around 2005) in my Jensen-Healey (standard SU-fuel pump AUF301/AZX1308), Stromberg CD175 carbs, similar to SU, initially but now on 45mm DellOrto's) and Land Rover SIII, although this ran mainly on LPG but used petrol when I ran out of LPG, or any other car I had, carburetted or EFI.
In 2018 E10 was introduced widely and this also did not cause any problems, even after leaving the car untouched for a year with E10 in the tank. E15 has now been suspended by most petrol stations.
Of course ambient temperatures are generally moderate but can occasionally run into 35-40C, 95-105F, most certainly when holidaying in Italy, Spain or France.
Kees Oudesluijs
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