[Healeys] Vapor lock gas

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Bob:  Today, in Fairfield, Calif., price range across area was $3.69 to $4.35 for Regular gas according to Gas Buddy.

(The Other) Len
Fairfield, CA, USA
1967 AH 3000 MkIII, HBJ8L39031

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  I have had trouble getting my BJ8 SU HD8 carbs to operate properly since taking them off during the engine rebuild. The engine would just not idle properly at 1000 rpm (never could get it lower and maybe the tack is off)  I am using color tune to get the mixture right without success.  My good friend George suggested Premium 92 Octane Non-ethanol fuel, so I bought a tank full and just tweaked the fuel mixture one turn rich and went for a drive.  Seemed to like something I did.  One tank later, the engine is idling better, and the engine response is better.  I thought $3.34 per US Gallon was very high compared to $2.69 here in south Florida.  Nevertheless, will continue to use as the engine seems to like it.  Yes, we have some of the lowest prices in the state of Florida thanks to Gulf Coast Refineries and delivery via barges.  Note there are no refineries in Florida.


  Ops, unleaded just jumped to $2.89 over night so I guess 92 will go up 20 cents or more on my next fill up.  Probably, will send the carbs to Joe over the summer to see if he can make them run the engine better.  Afterall, the expense on the Healey and other toys in retirement is a SKI purchase,” Spend the Kids Inheritance”.   


  Bob Begani 


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  During my jaunt to the west coast meet in Parksville, BC in 2012 I indulged in a tank of Premium non-ethanol fuel. As I recall it was priced by the liter and calculated to about $6.50 per gallon. The car loved it. The card, not so much... 


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