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This is a well written article on ethanol in gasoline  .. long but worth
the read.
Hardly surprising that we have vapor lock problems.

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> In the Netherlands petrol costs €1,90 for 95 E10 or about $6,95/US Gallon
> and rising; 98 E5 (mostly no ethanol yet but up to 5% allowed) is about
> $9,35/US gallon and rising.
> Never had any problems with 95 E5 or 95 E10 though (ethanol supposedly
> ageing and affecting seals, gaskets, fuel lines or metals or because of
> vapour lock). I have been using 95 E5 when this was introduced in Europe in
> the late 1990's (I even regularly used the cheapest 95 E15 which became
> available in around 2005) in my Jensen-Healey (standard SU-fuel pump
> AUF301/AZX1308), Stromberg CD175 carbs, similar to SU, initially but now on
> 45mm DellOrto's) and Land Rover SIII, although this ran mainly on LPG but
> used petrol when I ran out of LPG, or any other car I had, carburetted or
> EFI.
> In 2018 E10 was introduced widely and this also did not cause any
> problems, even after leaving the car untouched for a year with E10 in the
> tank. E15 has now been suspended by most petrol stations.
> Of course ambient temperatures are generally moderate but can occasionally
> run into 35-40C, 95-105F, most certainly when holidaying in Italy, Spain or
> France.
> Kees Oudesluijs
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