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Mike Sinclair phoenix722 at comcast.net
Tue May 4 21:51:33 MDT 2021

Good points, Bob.  (Maybe "points" is not the best word in this case.)  
I do keep a Battery Minder on the battery whenever in the garage, and 
the voltage is well above 12v, plus it does crank well.  As you 
mentioned, maybe this was a whole lot of things that are now fixed.  In 
any case, so far, so good!  My 10 mile run today was encouraging.


On 5/4/2021 7:47 PM, Bob Spidell wrote:
> Of some use, maybe:
> I have an old Ford 851 tractor; early '50s vintage, 6V positive 
> ground. It has a new battery, and after a spell on the charger it will 
> start--grudgingly--then once, when I pulled the charger off after 
> starting it died. After another charge, it would start but would die 
> if I tried to lift the hydraulic buck rake, or tried to drive it away. 
> I checked charge voltage at the battery, and at a fast idle it would 
> only show 6V. I had the generator rebuilt, and installed a new VR. 
> Boom: good start, 6+ volts and plenty of juice to both move and 
> operate the buck rake.
> Conclusion: Coils provide a fixed ratio voltage increase, based on 
> input voltage. On this tractor, 6V--a charging generator should 
> provide almost 7V at a fast idle--was enough to start and idle, but 
> didn't provide enough spark under load. I'm usually skeptical of coil 
> failures, because they have no moving parts and nothing to wear out, 
> and my BJ8 with over 200K miles still has the original coil as does my 
> BN2 (AFAIK) but it's an easy and cheap enough 'fix' to attempt. It's 
> also possible all the previous 'fixes,' along with a new coil, put 
> this engine 'over the top.'
> Bob
> On 5/4/2021 3:18 PM, Mike Sinclair wrote:
>> A month ago, I wrote regarding my BJ8 which just suddenly quit.  
>> Hagerty brought it home. Diagnosis:
>> It takes fuel, air, and spark to combust.
>> Lots of fuel
>> Spark
>> Pretty sure there is air.
>> Checked all the voltages, all per spec.
>> Changed condenser, no improvement.
>> Rotor and points are new.
>> Someone suggested the cutoff switch in the boot might be bad.  
>> Checked the wire, and it wasn't even connected.  Disconnected this 
>> wire at the coil and using my trusty ohmmeter, both ends went to 
>> ground.  Aha! Intermittent ground!  Fired it up; a little reluctant 
>> but it started up and seemed to run ok.  Drove around the block a few 
>> times, came home and patted myself on the back.  Next day took it out 
>> for a little longer run (2 miles) and it began to whimper badly 1/2 
>> mile from home.  Nursed it home.
>> Thought about it (a lot) including the fact that it has always been 
>> very hard to start when cold, and even then runs poorly for a few 
>> seconds before it catches.  Decided that maybe even though there was 
>> spark, maybe it wasn't strong enough.  Bought a new coil.
>> After installation, if fired up much easier, and runs great.  Have 
>> been taking it on increasingly longer test runs and it seems fine.  I 
>> hate to say it is cured, but seems to be.
>> Thanks to all who replied with helpful hints.
>> Mike
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