[Healeys] BJ8---clutch and "SS" aka--scuttle shake

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Thu Jul 8 09:34:40 MDT 2021

I've haven't been able to drive it a lot because I have brake issues and 
got kicked out of my house and have to move quickly, but new (MWS) 
wheels and tires seems to have eliminated scuttle shake in my BN2.

I'd be hard-pressed to believe a PP 'finger' got bent, that's some 
pretty strong steel (unless, like a lot of things, the new PPs have been 
cheapened to increase profit and executive bonuses). I have no clue, but 
suspect you'll have to pull the gearbox to find out what's going on.

Afterthought: I don't recall which Healey you have, but if it's a 4-cyl 
or one of the earlier 6s they have a coil spring PP instead of the later 
diaphragm type; if so it's possible one of those springs is broken. My 
BJ8 once had a disk with a busted vibration damper spring--it that's 
what they're called--which caused some judder when engaging.


On 7/8/2021 6:00 AM, Tom Felts wrote:
> Recently (maybe 6 months ago) I installed a new clutch disc and TOB.  
> (PP looked good so didn't add a new one)  Shifts great but when 
> starting the car even with it out of gear, it "groans" a second or so 
> when the engine starts but goes away and I would only hear it at times 
> when I down shifted.  Once hot I never heard it.  Then--------I took a 
> 600 mile trip over the last two days.  I began to hear it more and at 
> different times---Pushing the clutch in, starting the car and 
> downshifting.  Several times I heard what sounded like a "ping" when I 
> pressed the cutch pedal.
> I have a hunch it is the PP-----could be one of the fingers got bent 
> when installing??  Otherwise, I have no idea.
> Second------for the years I have had this car, I have hated the 
> dreaded scuttle shake.  I have balanced all wheels--even added the 
> scuttle shake "mod"  (cross beams on the inner body, behind the 
> engine) and had the rear drums balanced locally.  All to no 
> avail-----between 55 and 65 there is comes again!!  The drive was 
> wonderful all the while as long as I drove slower or faster than these 
> speeds.
> What to do------what to do???
> Any thoughts would be appreciated.
> Tom

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