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Thu Oct 29 10:30:07 MDT 2020

I've used nylon and urethane--which may be what 'prothane' is--over the
years on my BJ8. In general, they do what you'd expect; i.e. stiffen things
up (and they should last forever). There are two potential drawbacks: they
may squeek, and making one part of a suspension more rigid puts a greater
load on related parts. Urethane or nylon sway bar bushes will put a somewhat
greater load on your end links. When I put the urethane bushes in, however,
I also added a thicker sway bar, uprated end links and urethane bushes on
the links. I don't remember the order of installation, but IIRC when I added
the sway bar, before the uprated end links, I broke an end link (it snapped
at the thread). FWIW, when I added the larger sway bar, plus uprated links
and bushes, I felt the car stayed flatter in corners.

>> Same experience here. I put on the next size up anti-roll bar(!), "rose"
end links and poly bushes. No squeaks, no visible wear and a flatter ride.
(Are they called "rose" links? Seem to remember the odd name..)

I got the sway bar and end links from Addco, don't recall where I got the

>>Don't recall where I got my bits. Probably Cape who was then my preferred
supplier. But, since they've been in situ for +/- 20 years, I doubt that the
manufacturer or supplier is relevant. If I had to do it again, I'd still go
with poly. Ditto the front suspension bushes.



They do squeek a little; a fellow on this list has gone so far as to add
zerks on his A-arm bushes to prevent squeeks (I think some will squeek
eventually, regardless of manufacturer claims).


On 10/29/2020 7:37 AM, rfbegani at gmail.com <mailto:rfbegani at gmail.com>

When I replaced the busing 30 plus years ago, the only thing available was
rubber. I am missing one and the others are cracked, so time to replace.
Now Moss has Prothane bushings.  I seem to recall that there was a
discussion that the Poly bushes do not last.  What is the consensus of
opinion rubber or poly.


Bob Begani

67 BJ8



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