[Healeys] Sway bar bushings

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Thanks for the heads up. Rubber is the best choice Closer examination indicates that 2 need replacing and missing one.  Now that the car is back on the road, every spring before I leave Florida for the north, after putting it on jack stands I will look at all the bushings, oiling the leaf springs and so in before putting the cover on the car.


Jean do you have a list of things you look out for every year?




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If I recall correctly, what was discussed previously on these poly bushings is that they will definitely last longer, have tendency to squeak and give a bit harsher ride. 

I would just replace the missing one and the cracked one with new rubber ones, simply because, while they may not last anywhere as long, it is still basically a maintenance item and even if I have to do that job every 5 to 6 years, it is part of my maintenance of the car.




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FWIW I’ve replaced some and eventually all of my rubber bushings Several times in the past 10 -12 years. Diminished quality I suspect is the cause. 



Richard C

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When I replaced the busing 30 plus years ago, the only thing available was rubber. I am missing one and the others are cracked, so time to replace.  Now Moss has Prothane bushings.  I seem to recall that there was a discussion that the Poly bushes do not last.  What is the consensus of opinion rubber or poly.


Bob Begani

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