[Healeys] Double Flare versus Bubble Flare

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Girling had their own flare as seen here on the chart.

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   When I took my old brake lines off I notice they had a double flare
end where they connected to the brake and clutch master cylinders but
the internals of the master cylinder fitting looks like a 45 deg DIN
flare. I would have thought a male swivel nut with bubble flare should
be used when the female fitting has an angled bottom. I am wondering
if the flare on the brake and clutch was modified at some time. It
makes sense to connect the double flare end to a fitting with and
inverted flare bottom but not to an angled bottom.   Am I missing
something? I have an AH3000 built in November 1960. Does anyone know
where the bubble flare should be used?   Thanks... Harold
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