[Healeys] Lucas 6RA Relays

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Hi Michael-seems like you are describing overdrive relays (the ones
shown in the upper left in this pic) The early cars using two relays
w/governor and the later single relay. All use the W and C connections
in the schematic.
The thing with Lucas is that they kept changing the inventory part
number (same item) to a 5, 6, 7 and 8 digit numbers to avoid inventory
tax. They eventually got caught and that helped to put them out of
business. All those different numbered boxes can do the same job. I
have those Lucas numbers if you need them. Regards, Hank

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  One for the electrical geniuses.  As I sort my way through my boxes
and boxes of electrical parts I keep coming across Lucas 6RA relays.
These are the ones in the little steel box with the bracket on the
back with 2 mounting holes.   Ignoring those with more than 4
terminals I must have at least 15 different Lucas part numbers for
what appears to be the same relay.   All are 12 volt and all have 4
terminals   W1 & W2 which are the coil (winding) and C1 & C2 which are
the contacts ... like what get switched.   A couple are normally
closed contracts (NC) but the vast majority are normally open (NO).  
I have checked the continuity between the various terminals and in all
cases the C terminals are isolated from the W terminals and all
terminals are isolated from the steel enclosure.   I've opened a few
up and, internally, as far as I can tell, they appear to be virtually
identical.   So ... to my question ... why all the different part
numbers, as I understand it these things are essentially an
electrically operated switch, what can be so different between them
that they need to have so many different part numbers?   Perhaps I
should also mention that Lucas is very particular in requiring a
specific part number for each application... what am I missing.  
Please avoid comments referring to the long Canadian winter ... they
make my wife angry ... she's a local and they get a bit sensitive when
such is mentioned 😊   

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