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Sorry, NLGI...
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This stuff (NGLI 00) is a Polyurea based grease. It has the characteristic of clinging to moving parts, but is highly cohesive  and and resistant to flow. There are some videos on line that show it working in open or poorly sealed gear boxes with no tendency to shear from the gears or to leak from the gear box or through the seals.

I've had a problem sealing the layers of the shim pack on the front of my steering box. Even Penrite seems to go right through them. I bought some of the NGLI 00 from NAPA and I'm using it in my steering box and on my wheel splines. so far so good.

Bill Lawrence
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Looks like the common denominator on these thick oils/pourable greases is that they meet the requirements of  NLGI 00 standard (NLGI is National Lubricating Grease Institute).  This topic is a common one in the old car world with folks like us. The results of the use of this product, mainly lack of leaks on old steering boxes, is mentioned on many sites. So if you have an very old Chevy or a AH this stuff is helpful. Not saying that a properly repaired steering box can’t be nearly leak free but for most of us this stuff will make the situation much better. Don’t let the term grease deter your use.  It still flows to all the places that need lubrication but resists leaking out.   By the way there are lots of sources for this stuff under many name brands and retailers.  NAPA, John Deere and a multitude of others.  Use the NLGI 00 specs to find supplier near you.


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Penrite comes in grease gun cartridges.

I replace the filler with a 1/4 bsp nipple to fill


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Two questions for the more experienced among us ...

My BJ8 steering box is leaking. From the front cover and more significantly from the shaft.

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