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My BJ8 had 60-spokers on it when I bought it.  I broke several spokes 
before I went to 72-spokers (but I drive a bit spirited when I get a 

On 1/4/2020 7:52 AM, Mirek Sharp wrote:
> My experience with 60 spoke wheels is the opposite to Skip's.  I have a '59 BT7 which I have owned since 1974, and drove on the original 48 spoke wheels until 13 years ago.  In that time I broke only one spoke on a rear wheel.  When I had the body re-done in 2006 I decided to replace the wheels with consideration for metal fatigue in the original ones.  I replaced them with Dunlop style 60 spoke wheels supplied by Bob Yule (who as always, provided exceptional service).  These look much nicer in my opinion than the 72 spoke wheels, which seem to crowded for my taste (I think the 48 spoke wheels look nicest, but compromised for the added strength).  I feel the additional strength of the 72 spoke wheel is overkill and unless you are really driving the blazes out of it or have way-oversized tires mounted, are unnecessary.  My wheels are shod with correctly-sized Vredestein Sprints.  The ride and handling is perfect.  My car is a well-maintained driver, not concours, and has  always been maintained as an original car.  That's my two cents, but as Skip said, it’s a personal choice.
> Best, Mirek
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> It is a personal choice IMHO.   I have both chrome spokes and minilites.  Depending on mood and distance/road quality, I mount the appropriate wheels/tires.... If I'm going to be on cobblestones, or rough roads, I use the minilites, if I'm driving around town, I use the Chromes.... However one thing I NEVER do:  drive on 60 spoke wheels.   Modern tires grip the road too well, and the spokes get destroyed.  Use 72 spokes at least.   The ONLY time I'd select 60 spokes (and I have them too) would be if I had a concourse car and it was being shown/judged.   (I don't have a concourse car, I just have a set of original wheels...and the tires are way past their expiration date, I'd never drive around the block on them...lol.).... But, as I said at the outset: it is a personal choice (YMMV... :-)  )
> -skip-
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> Hi all,
> I’m getting closer to having to buy wheels and tires for my ‘67 BJ8. When I say closer I mean a year or so but I like to plan ahead. My car will not be concours correct or be entered in any car judging at shows. It’ll be a driver that won’t see any track time of any sort. That being said I’m wondering what everyone’s thoughts are on wheels and tires. I plan to put chrome wire wheels on. I don’t want Minilite’s. So, here are my questions:
> 1. Dunlop style(e.g. Moss) versus Dayton(e.g. Hendrix)?
> 2. Wheel size—15x4.5 60 spoke; 15x5 72 spoke; or 15x5.5 72 spoke?
> 3. Tire Brand?
> 4. Tire Size?
> I’m not a bargain basement shopper so I’m willing to pay for the best combinations that make sense. I realize there’s a lot of personal preference so I hope I’m not gonna start a war with these questions!
> Thanks everyone!
> Bruce
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