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Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Fri Jan 3 23:10:26 MST 2020

Last I checked--a few years ago--Dayton didn't offer 5.5" rims (5" or 6" 
only).  I have Dayton 72-spoke 6" rims on my BJ8, with Vredestein 
185/70HR-15 tires (I'm on my third or fourth set).  The wheels/rims 
stick out more than I like--I think 5.5" would be better--and the rear 
tires rub against the rear rebound block bolts in very hard cornering.  
But handling and grip are very good, even in the wet.    When I bought 
them, nearly 30 years ago, Dayton quality was considered much superior 
to Dunlops, which were made in India at that time.  There's another 
brand available now--'MWS' or similar--and I think they may be 
contemporary versions of the Dunlops.  Best tires I ever had were 
Yokohama A321s, but they haven't been available in a couple decades.

Shop around, I think you can beat Moss on price.  There's a 'British 
Wire Wheel' company, but I don't think they're related to the outfit 
Bruce Erfer sold long ago.


On 1/3/2020 9:26 PM, Bruce Peters wrote:
> Hi all,
> I’m getting closer to having to buy wheels and tires for my ‘67 BJ8. When I say closer I mean a year or so but I like to plan ahead. My car will not be concours correct or be entered in any car judging at shows. It’ll be a driver that won’t see any track time of any sort. That being said I’m wondering what everyone’s thoughts are on wheels and tires. I plan to put chrome wire wheels on. I don’t want Minilite’s. So, here are my questions:
> 1. Dunlop style(e.g. Moss) versus Dayton(e.g. Hendrix)?
> 2. Wheel size—15x4.5 60 spoke; 15x5 72 spoke; or 15x5.5 72 spoke?
> 3. Tire Brand?
> 4. Tire Size?
> I’m not a bargain basement shopper so I’m willing to pay for the best combinations that make sense. I realize there’s a lot of personal preference so I hope I’m not gonna start a war with these questions!
> Thanks everyone!
> Bruce
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