[Healeys] Clutch slave cylinder

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9/16 inch AF or UNF







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I am installing a remote clutch bleeder of the type that's been discussed on
this list from time to time. (Comes up from underneath with a bracket that
goes under one of the gearbox bolts).

So, I thought I'd replace the clutch pipe and rebuild the slave cylinder at
the same time. (Wise?) precautions..certainly, these things are at least 25
years old.

The bleed nipple was solid to the cylinder body as was the pipe and neither
would twitch until I had the assembly in a big vice.

The interior of the cylinder was filled with some dried out but slightly
greasy flakey nastiness. God knows what.

I need to undo the so-called "nut for hose", item 18 in the attached. Does
anyone know it's size? 



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