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Another really difficult correct part for the early cars is the back plate
and gearbox case with the 3rd starter bolt although apparently the 3 bolt
starter was not used.


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> Bill-the adjustable steering was used on the early 100s including your car
> 34 bodies from mine.  It used a chrome trafficator lever. From 149930 the
> non-adjustable unit was installed and it used the black "birds beak"
> (witch's nose) lever. The facia was also modified to have a smaller opening
> for the now skinny steering shaft (for looks only) and the seat pans now
> had sliding adjusters rather then bolted to the floor. This carried thru to
> the 100-6 era. Later the adjustable unit was brought back and continued on
> to the last BJ8 produced (using the same parts as the early 100).
> I'm not sure if my car originally came with chrome or black lever but to
> be concours correct I changed it to the chrome item. During the hurried
> rush to get the first 100s out the door the factory would use any available
> part on the shelf. Since the trafficator was an involved unit, they would
> have to be shipped in complete, and ready to go onto cars on the track at
> Longbridge.
> As Roland asked, is that the last of items I would want to change to make
> the car correct?  This was one of the items. There are about 75 various
> differences between the early BN1 and the later BN1s.It would be difficult
> to get one of these cars 100% correct.
> Glad you enjoyed my Christmas story...Happy New Year to all. Hank
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> Also known as shipfitters disease. You were lucky to get out of it while
> the car was still in one piece...
> I was unaware that there were BN1s made without adjustable steering wheels
> or that the switch lever was different. I guess I’m still alive if I’m
> still learning.
> Bill Lawrence
> BN1 #554
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> That is what I refer to as the domino game. One thing just causes another
> to happen. A game you cannot win.
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> A Christmas Story by Hank Leach
> Friday, December 25, 2020
> 5:41 PM
> This is a story of a new trafficator lever, a lost filter and a new
> flashlight for Christmas. How all three items relate is the makings of a
> Christmas Miracle.
> It starts out by first obtaining the correct trafficator (directional
> flasher) lever to fit on my Austin Healey 100. That car uses the early
> adjustable steering setup so that lever is a curved chrome handle (same one
> used on the later adjustables). The non adjustable steering uses a black
> "birds beak" shaped lever. That one was wrongly used on my 1953 BN1. So
> with new part in hand, the procedure is to remove the trafficator indicator
> unit, disassemble it and replace the lever. Lets just say it’s a time
> consuming task that requires nimble fingers and a set procedure. Upon
> completion of the project its time to check the working characteristics.
> Turn on the key, listen for fuel pump to stop then check horn and
> flashers…uh, oh, fuel pump is not stopping…stuck float. So now move to the
> rear carburettor float bowl, remove lid and free up brass float, clean
> needle and seat and check float height. Reassemble, being careful not to
> drop any parts. Darn, there goes the fibre washer, brass filter and spring.
> The washer was laying under the car, but the filter was no where to be
> found. Looked everywhere on floor, within the engine bay, on the frame, on
> the suspension too, but it was not located…it just disappeared. I tried
> blowing out the area with compressed air, then a vacuum maybe to suck it up
> from some obscure spot. Not found. That was Christmas Eve.
> Christmas Day we open presents and one was a 500 Lumens flashlight from my
> Sister-in-law; she is so thoughtful. So, after we opened the gifts, I
> thought, why not try out this super-bright flashlight and see if I could to
> locate the elusive filter-its out there somewhere. Shined the light on the
> engine, under the carbs, on the frame and master cylinder-where is it? As I
> moved the new flashlight toward the frame support, it touched the edge and
> the lens fell out into the Healey frame. You know that spot. It collects
> any part you are unable to find, and it is curved just enough that you
> can't see to the bottom where it ends on the frame rail. I shined the
> lens-less flashlight down the frame and sure enough there was the lens…and
> the filter, and even a missing choke lever return spring lost during the
> re-assembly in 2015. With the help of the flashlight and a long armed
> grabber all items are now retrieved.
> Back to the trafficator, key on, horn and flashers work correctly with the
> new lever, so everything was assembled correctly, including the overflowing
> float bowl…a Christmas Miracle.
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