[Healeys] Replacing the starter with a gear reduction starter

Kees Oudesluijs coudesluijs at chello.nl
Thu Dec 10 15:10:58 MST 2020

The original starter motor is fine when overhauled properly and much 
more durable then a modern so called high torque starter. A H-T starter 
may use a bit less amps but it will not really spin over the engine much 
faster. It will make more revs than the old one because it has reduction 
gears so it sounds as if it spins the engine faster but in reality it 
does not or barely.

If the oil drops to 20 psi at hot idle I would not worry. This is quite 
normal. Check the oil pressure at say 2000-2500rpm. For most engines it 
should be around the 50-60 psi. Check the specs in your WSM.

Kees Oudesluijs

Op 10-12-2020 om 20:55 schreef Bob Begani:
> You may remember I mentioned my BJ8 would not start after a run 
> because of overheating.  the engine did turn over with a wrench, and 
> 50 amp on the starter made it only moan.  So I will replace the 
> starter.  Many of you have recommended a gear reduction starter which 
> is available from Moss and others.  What source do you recomend.?  
> Also, I see it shows an additional bulge which must be the gears.  
> Will it fit into my BJ8 engine compartment without having to remove 
> the engine?  As it is I will have to take out the tunnel to get to the 
> starter bolts.
> Another item I should have replaced when I rebuilt the engine was the 
> oil pump.  When the engine is hot the oil pressure drops to less that 
> 20 psi at idle.  This engine was rebuilt with only 20 over and is 
> using the same cam etc. what  oil pump should i install and is the 
> Moss pump a reasonable replacement?
> Regards,
> Bob Begani
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